PART ONE The mystery of the nails A breast for all Cursed rage PART TWO The two glories Goodbye, Gesuina Vanished into thin air The secret words PART THREE 1. “Reveal yourself!“2. Impossible miracle3. Glory C, media God PART FOUR The orgy with God Coded …

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Gloria C.

Gloria C. impetuously comes on the scene and causes an upheaval in the life (and soul) of monsignor Consalvo, head of the Vatican’s conservatory for miracles, who is not dealing with any tear-shedding statue of holy Mary or some other sacred image responsible for purported …

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In Hoc Signo – en

In Hoc Signo - Canone Da Vinci

Genre: mainly esoteric-enigmatic thriller. Based on the non-fiction LA PASSIONE SECONDO LEONARDO by the same author, who in this work has demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of Leonardo’s extraordinary soul, esoteric and playfully cryptic mind. Vittoria Haziel has anticipated Dan Brown by years, as documented in …

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The Author

Vittoria Haziel

Vittoria Haziel is the pseudonym of Maria Consolata Corti, Tuscan by birth, Roman by adoption, Turinese by predestination. She was born in Pisa from a Turin mother and a Tuscan father, a police officer, later founder and director of the Electronic Centre of the Italian …

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