Gloria C.

Gloria C. impetuously comes on the scene and causes an upheaval in the life (and soul) of monsignor Consalvo, head of the Vatican’s conservatory for miracles, who is not dealing with any tear-shedding statue of holy Mary or some other sacred image responsible for purported healings. Gloria C. imposes upon the media with her apparitions that create unimaginable and provocative events.

Is this the coming of a female Jesus Christ? The other half that alone can complete the male god of all monotheistic religions? Or simply the projection of the hopes of peoples yet to be corrupted? Whatever, Consalvo will slowly be captured and seduced.

A novel with such an impact as to stand as a sort of religious manifesto, it can both move and drive the reader to probe strong problematic issues. In a time of weary narrative formats mostly based on describing self-contained anguishes, G. C. aims straight for a far more profound message, particularly up-to-date at a time when religions, that no longer reconcile but tear mankind apart, declare wars worldwide in the name of the Divine.