In Hoc Signo – en

In Hoc Signo - Canone Da Vinci

Genre: mainly esoteric-enigmatic thriller.

Based on the non-fiction LA PASSIONE SECONDO LEONARDO by the same author, who in this work has demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of Leonardo’s extraordinary soul, esoteric and playfully cryptic mind.

Vittoria Haziel has anticipated Dan Brown by years, as documented in articles and books since 1990, with a seriousness of approach, a greater magic and poetry, as well as a subtle and profound feminine sensitivity.


Modern-day setting. The story begins with the disappearance of a painter (reincarnation of Leonardo?) and one of his paintings from an important church in Milan. The painter and the painting are real and not fictional, as are others that form the backbone of the story.

The narrative develops with twists and turns and suspense until it goes far beyond the contents of the essay from which the subject is taken.

A dual track of investigations that complement each other: orthodox on one side (those of Commissioner Coppola, destined to run aground) and esoteric-Leonardian on the other (those of Ivan – a journalist expert in esotericism and Liza, a Leonardo scholar. The latter channel of investigation will arrive at the treasure of the discovery by using a strong and mysterious energy: intuition.

So, a confrontation between two types of “researchers”, in which the investigation linked to the law, an exceptional event in a detective story, will be the loser.

The winner, on the other hand, will be the impassioned and tight-knit esoteric-Leonardesque investigation, which, in addition to the Shroud, will discover new secrets, enigmas, cryptographies and messages left on Leonardo’s most copied work, the Last Supper.

All “fantasies” often intertwined with reality. Elements verifiable by every reader, which enhance the real magic of existence.

The true, unimaginable reason why Leonardo created the Shroud will be revealed, and in the end the story will conclude with a highly original revelation of the Grail, especially in the (completely unprecedented) scenario of humanity gravitating around it.

The inclusion of the threat of the “end of THE world”, which in reality turns out to be “the end of ONE world”, the one turned upside down by the Catholic Church, is of great interest.

The victory of immortality triumphs, of the continuation in time of the great enlightened spirits: powerful “Gods” whose energies animate and save the world. Men of thought and ordinary people, souls vibrating in the heart of truth.